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Ryan Terrell named Floridian Group Associate Partner

"We are thrilled to welcome Ryan to The Floridian Group as an Associate Partner. Ryan's vast experience in public policy, paired with his tireless advocacy and leadership on issues that focus on improving the quality of life for Floridian's have been a welcome addition to our team. His personal story of resilience, determination, and compassion bring unique perspective as we work with our clients to uplift people's lives."

- Daniel H. Sohn, Managing Partner

Ryan Terrell brings 11 years of experience in governmental affairs, public policy, and communications to The Floridian Group. He has previously worked as a Legislative Aide in the Florida House of Representatives - where he worked on improving education policies for children with developmental disabilities, agriculture, nutrition, and water policy, insurance, and criminal justice reform. He worked for 9 years for Steele Communications Inc - including the last 5 years as Vice-President of Governmental Affairs - and oversaw the transition of the firm from a political consulting and communications shop to a crisis counseling and crisis communications firm that specialized in helping people with chronic medical conditions that could impact their intrapersonal and interpersonal communications through their rehabilitation and recovery. A stroke survivor, he focused the last two years of his life on expanding health literacy training and education for at-risk populations to increase health outcomes and worker productivity in the Tallahassee area.

Ryan also has longstanding ties to the local Broward LGBTQ+ community and was a respected school safety and anti-bullying activist during high school and college. He founded the Broward County Council of Gay-Straight Alliances, a group that trained students, teachers, administrators, and mental health counselors in the Broward School system on preventing school violence and empowering LGBTQ+ students. The organization was the winner of the 2010 South Florida Gay News Best in Broward "Best Student Organization Award". Since joining The Floridian Group, Ryan has recruited several clients and handles a diverse portfolio of non-profit organizations and foundations that serve marginal communities - including domestic violence survivors, refugees, people of color facing mental health challenges, and the formerly incarcerated.

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